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Eye 1000 piece jigsaw

Image of Eye 1000 piece jigsaw



When my project manager suggested jigsaws I hadn’t even considered it. Then a few people here started asking. So I worked on a couple of designs with the plan to make 25 of each design. After a couple of discussions I decided to run an open edition for a couple of days.
Never did I ever image they would get the response they have.
In 24 hours we are at over 900 orders.
I’m blown away by the response but I have to consider the logistics. With this in mind I won’t keep the edition open until Monday morning as planned but will stop at 1000. I’m so sorry if you weren’t able to get one

1000 piece Boxed My Dog Sighs Eye jigsaw.

Jigsaw measures 70x50cm.

Professionally printed and boxed by Europe’s leading jigsaw maker Ravensburger out of recycled extra strong card.

As I have no idea of demand this product will be an open edition and will be available until 9am bst on Monday 3rd May at which point it will no longer be available. Ever again.

Have fun making it, then glue it to a board and frame it!

Due to covid and production issues, delivery will be two to three weeks from release.

Sold Out